Japan heatwave breaks 150-year record just when elections are around

Updated: Jun 28, 2022, 12:56 PM(IST)

The sweltering heat is making life tough for the Japanese. The scorching temperatures are making people sweat for a fourth successive day on Tuesday (June 28). In capital Tokyo, the temperature broke nearly 150-year record for June. Authorities have asked citizens in Toikyo area to conserve electricity in order to avoid looming power cuts.

Heatstroke alets

Heatstroke alerts have been issued in some areas of the country for Tuesday. Cases of hospitalisation have risen.


Record breaking heat

Temperatures in Tokyo hit 35.1 degrees Celsius by 1 pm local time. This has broken nearly 150-year record of 35 C, set in 1875. Japan  Meteorological Agency forecast highs of 36 C for Tokyo on Thursday and 35 C on Friday.


Save electricity, say authorities

Authorities have asked consumers in the Tokyo area to conserve electricity to avoid a looming power cut.


Government offices dimly lit

The interior of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) building can be seen dimly lit to save electricity during daytime as Japanese government issues warning over possible power crunch in Tokyo.


Elections around the corner

Heat wave and looming power cuts also have the potential of having political ramifications. Japanes Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's party is expected to do well. But public anger has a potential to hurt prospects.


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