Inside Air Force One - America's most famous plane used by US Presidents

Despite being America's most famous plane, not many have seen the interiors of the Air Force One.

Let's look at a few rooms in which US Presidents work when travelling in the Air Force One.

Marvel of aeronautical engineering

From Presidents Roosevelt to Trump, Boeing aeroplanes have transported US presidents around the world. A wingspan of 60 metres and length of 70 metres makes this titanic plane one of the largest aircraft in the modern world.


Points of entry

Everyone has seen US Presidents over the ages wave regally before entering the plane from the front entrance. It is reported that a rear entrance exists through which journalists and other officials enter the plane.


Office spaces aboard the Air Force One

The most important spaces aboard Air Force One are located near the president's entrance in the front of the plane, such as the President's private office. Upgrades were made to it after the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, so that the US President can address the nation from the skies.


The Presidential Suite

The president's private suite, located in the nose of the plane, has foldable couches and a private bathroom.


Staff rooms

The Air Force One staff room has 85 phone lines and 19 televisions on each of the two identical planes, allowing the White House to stay updated with events on the ground.