India tops list of countries with most trust in scientists

According to a new report by the International Science Survey 2019-2020, more than half of Indians trust scientists and believe what they’re doing is right.

The degree of trust in India is higher than in many Western countries like the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Top 10 countries below:


59 per cent of the respondents in India have “a lot” of trust in scientists to do what is right. 26 per cent had “some” trust”, while 5 per cent had “not too much” trust.



Coming in at #2, 48 per cent Australians have “a lot” of faith in scientists, while 34 per cent only have “some” trust.



At #3, same as Australia, 48 per cent Spaniards believe in the goodwill of scientists, while 32 per cent exhibit only some trust. An additional 17 per cent claimed that they had no faith in scientists.



In Netherlands, 47 per cent people have “a lot” of trust in scientists, while 38 per cent had “some” degree of trust. 



At #5, 46 per cent Swedes put their faith in scientists, while 44 per cent exhibit some trust.



45 per cent Canadians believe “a lot” in scientists, while 37 per cent had “some” degree of faith.



In Germany, 43 per cent exhibited “a lot” of trust in scientists, while 39 per cent only trusted them to some degree.


Czech Republic

At #8, 42 per cent Czech believe in scientists and their goodwill.


United Kingdom

In the UK, 42 per cent trust scientists and what they do, while 37 per cent only trust them to some extent.


United States

The world’s #1 economy comes in at #10, where 38 per cent have a “lot of” faith in scientists, while 39 per cent only had “some” faith.


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