India Lockdown: Punishments for violating established laws during nation-wide curfew

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced a complete lockdown for 21 days in India in the wake of the rapid increase in number of confirmed cases of coronavirus. The government has decided to act strictly against those who violate the lockdown. 

Here is a list of punishments and penalties that can be imposed on the violation of the established set of rules:

For obstruction and non-compliance

The lockdown has begun from 12 am on March 25 and will run for three weeks.


If action leads to loss of life

Prime Minister Modi also emphasised social distancing as the only resort to fighting the growth of coronavirus, adding it should be exercised at any cost. 


Making false claims

In the previous address when the prime minister asked the citizens to observe 'Janata Curfew', he implored the nation to not panic and not hoard grocery items. "I appeal to all not to go into panic buying to store essential commodities. Steps being taken to ensure that there is no scarcity of essential commodities," he said.


Misusing relief money or materials

The prime minister also announced the allocation of Rs 15,000 crore to strengthen the health infrastructure in India. He said the fund would be used for developing health infrastructure in the country, increasing the number of beds, testing kits, and even training of professionals to combat the disease.


False warning

PM Modi thanked the citizens for the smooth execution of Janata Curfew imposed in the wake of the rapid increase in number of confirmed cases of coronavirus.


Failures of officers to perform duties

PM Modi tweeted to show solidarity with the people of the country, and asked them to not panic. He said essential commodities and medicines would still be available for all.



Disobeying public servant's orders

PM Modi said: “Think about the police personnel who are on their duty, day and night - without thinking about their own family, to protect you and your family. They also face the anger of some people sometimes.”