In pictures: Heatwaves strike around the world, scientists say expect more

From northern Europe to Japan, the world is being hit heatwaves. Scientists say human activity and therefore global warming is to blame. They add that more will come

Another year of record temperatures

2018 has been another one of record temperatures. At least 119 people died from heat stress in Japan in July, while over 49,000 were hospitalised.


Scientists blame human activity and climate change

A heatwave is currently hitting northern Europe. Scientists said the likelihood of it was 'more than two times higher today than if human activities had not altered climate'. In photo: People sunbathe in front of the Berlin cathedral.


Stayin' cool

People have had to resort to desperate-ish measures. Reuters reported that a Budapest game reserve fed its animals iced snacks and a Finnish supermarket invited customers to sleep over to stay cool. In photo: Ring-tailed Lemurs cool off on a snack of frozen fruits at the zoo in La Fleche


Don't play with those weapons

In Germany, police warned people not to touch the grenades, mines and other weapons that emerged from the mud on the banks of the River Elbe after the heatwave caused a drastic reduction in the water level. In photo: People take part in a handball match during the 'Wattoluempiade' or Mud Olympics on the banks of the Elbe river in Brunsbuettel.


More serious consequences

There have of course been more serious consequences. Wheat prices have risen with the heat devastating wheat fields across northern Europe.


Parasols for protection

Japan's meteorological agency has called the heatwave hitting the country a “disaster. And officials have urged men to buck local gender stereotypes and carry parasols to protect themselves from the sun. In South Korea, the K League said football games would kick off only after sunset.


In North Korea too

North Korea warned Thursday that an "unprecedented" heatwave has caused heavy damage to crops and urged citizens to "join the struggle" to prevent drought-like conditions from worsening and hampering food production.


Greece wildfire

The heatwave has also led to the outbreak of massive forest fires. In July, 87 people died last week in wildfire near Athens in Greece. News reports talked of some of them dying in each others arms. In photo: An air tanker drops fire retardant to slow the spread of a fire near Lakeport, California.


India, global warming, and GDP

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