Tourists flock to diamond-shaped 240-meter glass bridge in southern Georgia - see pics

Updated: Jun 18, 2022, 12:01 AM(IST)

Built in Georgia's Dashbashi Canyon, the 240-meter glass bridge opened to visitors on Wednesday. The Dashbashi Canyon is located nearly two hours away from the capital city Tbilisi, in Southern Georgia.

Offers panoramic views

The bridge was constructed with an investment of $40.8 million from the Kass group that operates in Israel and Georgia. The glass structure is 280 meters (approximately 919 feet) high, stretching across the natural monument, and offers an all-encompassing view of waterfalls and caves.


Three years in the making

The bridge is made of steel and glass, and it took nearly three years to build the structure.

The bridge's official opening was on June 14, which was attended by Georgian Prime minister Irakli Garibashvili.


The diamond shape cafe

The main attraction of the structure is the "diamond shape" multi-level cafe located at the highest point of the bridge. 

The shape of the cafe is said to be inspired by the canyon itself. 


Submitted to the Guinness World Records

It is one of the largest and tallest hanging structures in the world and has also been submitted to the Guinness World Records. 


Additional activities

The area includes a zip line, where visitors can bike across the canyon, and also a cliff "swing."

Several guest suites are also located near the site that is due to open in the coming months.


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