In Pics | ‘Tearful relief’: Babies, toddlers get first Covid jabs in US

Updated: Jun 22, 2022, 02:36 PM(IST)

COVID-19 vaccination for babies and toddlers has finally started in the United States on Tuesday. Several children were given shots on thighs and arms.

Many kids were left in tears while some were also unaffected by the pinch of the needle. Most of the parents were relieved as their children had got an extra layer of protection.  

For six-month-old kids and above

The Covid vaccines are being administered to the children who are as young as six months in the United States.


So, it begins

Several children sat on the laps of their parents in a room filled with balloons to get the Covid shots at Children’s National Hospital’s research campus in Washington.  


Teary affair

During the vaccinations, several children were full of tears.   


It’s high-five time

To keep a check on the crying, there were several high-fives, stickers or chance to pet a trained dog.  


Immense relief

Several parents were also relieved after the vaccination as the kids will be more protected now.


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