In pics - 'Strong' leaders that are rumoured to be suffering from life-threatening diseases

Updated: May 12, 2022, 09:50 PM(IST)

Recently, many notable international leaders have been the subject of discussions. Rumours are floating of them receiving surgery or undergoing treatments for life-threatening ailments. Forefront amid these rumours is Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is said to be receiving surgery for cancer. 

Scroll to read about the international readers who are or were rumoured to be suffering from life-threatening illnesses: 

Vladimir Putin

In the middle of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, the Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to be preparing to undergo cancer surgery and will likely relinquish his command temporarily. 

The news about his health was fuelled by concerns over him covering his legs with a blanket during the Victory Day celebration. As per the photographs and videos circulating on social media, the Russian president can be seen sitting amongst the second world war veterans and senior officials. 

Putin is also said to be suffering from paranoia, schizophrenia and early stages of dementia. 


Xi Jingping

The Chinese president is said to be suffering from a cerebral aneurysm and is currently being treated with traditional Chinese medicines instead of surgery, according to reports. 

A cerebral aneurysm or brain aneurysm is a disorder  in which a bulge grows out of the brain arteries.


Hillary Clinton

Clinton is said to be suffering from dementia and pneumonia, which makes her an ineligible presidential candidate, as per the presidential regulations.

There were several other rumours about Hillary Clinton throughout her 2016 presidential election campaign, the most prevalent of which being that she used a body double due to her health difficulties.



Kim Jong Un

The North Korean leader didn’t appear in public for a month in 2020 and appeared to have lost approximately 20 kgs during the absence.

Kim has been overweight since the time he gained power about 10 years ago and the sudden weightloss sparked rumours that he was undergoing open-heart surgery, but the authorities didn’t confirm the news, rather they said that Kim is healthy. 


John F Kennedy

The former US President John f Kennedy was known for a variety of health issues, one of the most well-known was a rumoured sexually transmitted infection (STI).

As per media claims, he had the STI since his teenage years and even spread it to his wife Jackie. 

Kennedy was nearly killed by scarlet fever as a kid and suffered from multiple stomach difficulties.


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