In pics: Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas at the red carpet premiere of 'Pain and Glory'

Oscar-winning filmmaker Pedro Almodovar premiered his latest film 'Pain and Glory' starring Penelope Cruz in lead roles. 

Almodovar, who headed the Cannes Film Festival jury in 2017, has won two Oscars - with 'All About My Mother' awarded the best foreign language film in 2000, and for the best original screenplay with 'Talk to Her' in 2003.

Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas

Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar premiered his retrospective drama 'Pain and Glory' in Madrid on Wednesday, reuniting actors Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, who had risen to Hollywood stardom after starting in his movies.


Cruz and Banderas reunite

The autobiographical narrative, where Banderas plays director Pedro Almodovar’s present-day tormented alter ego, and Cruz his mother at the time of his youth, wraps up a trilogy which includes the 1987 'Law of Desire' and 2004 'Bad Education'.


Director Almodovar and Banderas engage in a banter

The 69-year-old screenwriter and director, Almodovar, whose films often use nonlinear plots and feature gay and transsexual characters, returns to the big screen circuit after a three-year hiatus on March 22, when his 21st movie will be released in Spain.

European and US release dates are yet to be confirmed, as told by Almodovar's El Deseo production company to Reuters. 

"It was a relief, but it is a dangerous thing to play with your own life and turn it into fiction" Almodovar said of making the film while standing on the red carpet before the screening.


The cast of 'Pain and Glory'

The elegiac 'Pain and Glory' focuses on various stages in the life of a film director, the relationship with his mother, romances, and the emotional distress of not knowing whether he will be able to keep directing films.

"I can tell you that it has been very emotional, it's been almost 40 years that we've been doing movies together," said Banderas, for whom 'Pain and Glory' is his 8th collaboration with the filmmaker.


Penelope Cruz looks stunning on the red carpet

In the new film, Cruz also sings a Lola Flores piece along with Spanish Grammy award winner Rosalia, known for mixing traditional flamenco with urban music.