In Pics | Mass destruction caused as several tornadoes rip through the US

 | Updated: Dec 12, 2021, 02:38 PM IST

At least 80 people were killed after six US states were hit by powerful tornadoes. Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois and Kentucky were all affected by the extreme weather conditions. 

Heavy destruction

The tornadoes caused heavy destruction in Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois and Kentucky. The above image shows a destroyed boat. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said the death toll may exceed 100 with over 80 people already dead as six US states reported powerful tornadoes.


Mayfield hit hard by tornado

Tornado damage is seen after extreme weather conditions. Mayfield in Kentucky was hit hard as several areas in the US suffered heavy damages


State of emergency declared

The above image shows a destroyed post office delivery truck in Mayfield, Kentucky. A state of emergency was declared in the region and national guards were brought in for rescue efforts.


Satellite image

The satellite image released by Maxar Technologies shows the destruction caused by tornado in downtown Mayfield.


'Ground zero' of storm

There were also multiple fatalities reported at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois that suffered "catastrophic damage" with around 100 people trapped inside.

The western Kentucky town of Mayfield was "ground zero" of the storm, an official said. 


Large scale carnage

Emergency workers search through what is left of the Mayfield Consumer Products Candle Factory. As per reports, at least 18 tornadoes hit the US south and midwest overnight resulting in large scale carnage.


Houses ruined

Several houses and buildings in Kentucky were ruined. 

The White House said that President Joe Biden has directed that federal resources be surged immediately to the locations as power outages were reported amid rescue operations.

"The power outages are climbing and climbing significantly, and daybreak is going to bring more tough news," Kentucky Governor Beshear said.