In pics- Lewis Hamilton survives massive scare in jaw-dropping car accident at Italian Grand Prix

 | Updated: Sep 13, 2021, 07:25 PM IST

Lewis Hamilton suffered a major scare following a massive car-crash in Italian GP.

Lewis Hamilton suffers massive car-crash in Italian GP

Lewis Hamilton suffered a massive car-crash in Italian GP after a terrifying crash with Red Bull's Max Verstappen at the Italian Grand Prix.


Max Verstappen's car flew over Lewis Hamilton's head

Mercedes racer Hamilton left the pit lane on lap 26 of 53 whereas his arch-rival Verstappen approached him at 225mph and tried to go ahead of him. For the unversed, the two cars ran wheel-to-wheel and made contact at the first chicane, the Red Bull lifting off the kerb and into the air with both ending up in the gravel. Verstappen's car flew over Hamilton's head, with the rear-right wheel crushing the top of Hamilton's Mercedes; shellshocking one and all for the unfortunate turn of events.


Max Verstappen penalised

For the unversed, Red Bull's Dutch racer Verstappen was penalised as he will serve a three-place grid penalty at the Russian Grand Prix in a fortnight's time for his role in the terrifying car-crash.


Lewis Hamilton thanks his stars after horrifying accident

Thanking his stars after the horrifying accident at the Italian GP, Hamilton credited the halo device for saving his life. He told, "I feel very, very fortunate today thank God for the halo. That did ultimately save me, you know, and saved my neck."


Lewis Hamilton's car-crash not the first such terrifying accident

Lewis Hamilton's car-crash not the first such terrifying accident in F1 history. Earlier, the likes of Niki Lauda, Roland Ratzenberger, Ayrton Senna, Wolfgang Von Trips, etc. have also been involved in some frightening and near-death experiences in F1 racing history. Thus, while the sport has plenty of fun and excitement to offer for one and all, it also has its fair share of danger and spill-chilling incidents as well.