In Pics- Kim's North Korea holds mass rally in show of political loyalty

A major outdoor rally was staged in Pyongyang earlier this week, with a number of North Korean citizens and some top officials in attendance, in support of decisions from a recent key party meeting, the state media reported on Thursday.

Let's check out some pictures:

Plans for new year

The Workers' Party held its year-end plenary last week and outlined its plans for the new year to develop the national economy and bolster anti-virus efforts.

"In order to thoroughly accomplish the decisions of the 4th Plenary Meeting of the Workers' Party's 8th Central Committee, a Pyongyang city rally was held at the Kim Il-sung Square on Wednesday," Pyongyang's officials Korean Central News Agency said in its report.


A surreal scene

At the surreal rally at Pyongyang's Kim Il-sung Square, crowds of uniformed people waved flags and large banners with political slogans written on them. Senior officials guarded the event.


Mass participation

Officials and workers of factories, companies and cooperative farms in Pyongyang, as well as students, took part in the event.

Top officials, including Premier Kim Tok-hun, were also present, suggesting the gathering was aimed at encouraging progress in economic efforts.


Jump-starting economic development

North Korea's main goals for 2022 will be jump-starting economic development and improving people's lives as it faces a "great life-and-death struggle," leader Kim Jong Un said in a speech on December 31 at the end of the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, state media reported.

In the same speech, Kim also vowed to bolster the military to counter an unstable international situation amid stalled talks with South Korea and the United States.


Focused approach

North Korea has placed a focus on developing its economy, especially the agriculture sector, in the midst of strict border controls against COVID-19 and international sanctions.



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