In Pics: In Seattle, a NFT museum opens its door to public

Updated: Apr 30, 2022, 02:20 PM(IST)

A museum dedicated to NFTs, the blockchain-based creations that have taken the art world by storm, has opened its doors in the United States.


The new world of NFTs

The Seattle NFT Museum features original artworks along with explanations of the technology behind them and is intended to help visitors navigate the new world of Non-Fungible Tokens.

"The point of a physical space is to make it easier for anyone to access," museum co-founder Peter Hamilton.

"You can walk in here, and depending on how much you know or don't know about digital art, about NFTs, it doesn't really matter, because you can see the art in a large format display, in a way that would remind you, or be familiar, of a museum exhibition."


Original piece of art?

NFTs are unique digital objects that confer ownership.  

While their content may be copyable, the NFT is "the original", in much the same way that there are innumerable prints of Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa", but only the Louvre museum has the original. 


Oh! to own one

Investors and wealthy collectors have clamoured in recent months to get involved in the latest digital craze, which relies on the same blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrencies.

Recent auctions have seen eye-watering sums paid for NFTs, including $69.3 million for a digital work by artist Beeple at a sale at Christie's. 


A temporary fad?

Like all new technologies, they have their doubters; some observers dismiss them as a fad, or worse -- something akin to the Emperor's New Clothes.

But visitors to the museum said they sensed something real.

"It's kind of a global phenomenon so we're kind of watching it come to life," said one museum guest, who gave her name as Cara.


An evolution of sorts

Watching that evolution is all part of the fun for Hamilton.

"It's hard to say where this technology is going to lead us, this is really just the beginning," he said.

"Anyone that tells you they're an NFT expert is not telling you the truth because we are all learning, we are all starting from a very very early experience."


Opening theme- ‘Climate Conversation’

On April 16, local digital artist Maksim Surguy attended the inauguration of the museum's 'Climate Conversation' exhibition, which displays his creations that may be printed in real form as well as sold as NFTs online, Reuters reported.

"Previously, if you make a digital artwork or physical artwork, there were a lot of limitations about who can see the artwork or how they can own it," said Surguy, who works in Seattle's tech industry and ventured into crypto-based art a year and a half ago, Reuters reported.

(Mieke Marple/Twitter)


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