In Pics - Hit by drought, Las Vegas lake spits up skeletons of mafia victims

Written By: Moohita Kaur Garg | Updated: May 12, 2022, 07:23 PM IST

Climate change is wreaking havoc on our planet. Heatwaves, toxic air, and dry river beds have become common news. But in Las Vegas, climate change has uncovered some very sordid secrets.

Let's take a look:

Lake Mead at its driest

It is a record drought in Las Vegas, with the level of Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States, falling to 1,055 feet. This is its lowest level since 1937.

At its capacity, the reservoir can hold 9.6 trillion gallons or 36 trillion litres of water. In 2000 it was full and in the two decades since its water levels have dropped by 70 per cent.


Victims of mafia

The dropping water levels of the reservoir have uncovered dead bodies. These skeletal human remains are believed to have been bodies of victims of the mafia, disposed of in the waters.


Body stuffed in rusting barrel

Last week a body was found stuffed in a rusting barrel. As per a report by the Telegraph, the man was shot before being discarded off in the barrel.

In a statement, the police said that the killing is estimated to have happened in the mid-70s and early 1980s. The estimate is based on the shoes worn by the victim. 


Man in the barrel: Died of gunshot wound

Lieutenant Ray Spencer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said, "We believe this is a homicide as a result of a gunshot wound." Investigators were looking into whether the death was tied to the mafia, he told the New York Times.


Police believes more remains to be found

When these skeletal remains were found, Lt Spencer had said that there was a chance for the discovery of more human remains and as predicted further reports have emerged.


A reward offered

Two retired police officers have even offered a $5000 reward to divers who uncover more bodies in the reservoir's residual waters, claiming they wish to provide closure to the deceased' friends and families while also assisting local law enforcement with their investigation.