In Pics: Global efforts not enough to tackle climate change, says UN

In its report released last week, United Nations has said that global efforts to combat climate change by controlling Carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) are "far away from their target. The UN made the report based on the examination of pledges made by the countries to reduce emissions.

UN report on climate change

United Nations has underlined need for greater global efforts to tackle climate change. It has said that the pledges made by countries in the world are currently insufficient. 


Greenhouse Gases

Emission of Greenhouse Gases such as Carbon dioxide and others contribute a lot to climate change. This is a great problem before humankind indeed


Emissions due to human activities

Our industries and machines cause a lot of pollution. 


High level of pollution

Our cities have greater levels of pollution and contribute a lot to CO2 emission.


More efforts needed

UN has said that the pledges to reduce CO2 emission by the countries will reduce global emissions by just 1 per cent by the year 2030. For considerable positive effect, the emissions have to be cut by 45 per cent.


Need for effective collective action

UN's latest assessment of emissions covers pledges of  75 of the 197 signatories to the Paris accord. The list does not include countries that have major contribution to global emissions. These countries are yet to submit their pledges to the UN. A collective action is needed indeed.


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