In Pics: Finally, reunited. Afghan baby lost in airlift chaos reaches family after long wait

The feeling of reuniting with a lost loved one after a long ordeal is heart-warming. This holds true for an Afghan family, whose infant boy had got lost in the chaos of the evacuation after takeover of the country by Taliban. 

In desperation, the boy was handed over to a soldier on Kabul airport’s wall. The child has been found and reunited with his family in Kabul on Saturday, said a Reuters report. 

Sohail Ahmadi, the baby, was just two months old at the time of the incident. Ahmadi has been given to relatives and may get soon reunited with parents and siblings. 

Let’s witness these memorable moments.  

Touching Moment

The child was reunited with family in Kabul on Saturday.  


Time for some hugs

The relatives of the child get jubilant after getting reunited. 


Picture perfect

The relatives of the child pose one for the camera. 



A relative of the child holding him while being filled with joy. 


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