In pics: Biggest one-day loss suffered by companies in 2018

This year was a rough ride for stock markets and their giant players. In October the US stock market saw a bloodbath after tech-heavy Nasdaq saw the worst decline since 2011 with a series of selloffs erasing all gains of 2018. While in February, in the biggest fall in its history, the  Dow Jones Industrial Average fell nearly 1,600 points at one point

Though companies regained a portion of their losses on other days, they struggled due to huge market losses in 2018, some of them bearing it in a single day.

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Ranked at 77 on Forbes' list of 'The World's Largest Companies', Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg was estimated to have $75 billion at the beginning of 2018.

According to a report by Reuters, on July 26, Facebook shareholders experienced the worst day after they collectively lost over $100 billion in just one day after stock price plummeted by 19%.

However, Facebook is still #36 Forbes' 'Growth Champions 2018.'



According to a report in Forbes, Amazon lost $11 billion in a single day.

The end of October saw a market crash when Wall Street favourites FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) bore huge losses.

However, Amazon still stands tall with ranked at 53 in  Forbes' list of 'The World's Largest Companies.'

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Apart from Facebook, in July, the other social media company who suffered a worst loss was Twitter. The shares of micro-blogging site shares plunged 20.5 per cent after it reported a decline in its monthly users and warned that the number could fall further.

After which Twitter suffered a loss of $6 billion in its market value.

This was Twitter's second-worst loss since it went public in November 2013.


Tencent Holdings Limited

Ma Huateng's multinational conglomerate Tencent lost $20 billion on August 28, news agency Reuters reported.

China increased regulatory risks for gaming companies by limiting the number of online games as they might result in rising levels of myopia amongst youngsters.

However, Tencent Holdings Limited is on #105 in  Forbes' list of 'The World's Largest Companies' and #18 in 'Top 100 Digital Companies 2018.' 


Elon Musk

In August Tesla Inc shares soared 16 per cent on August 2, a day after the electric car maker’s better-than-expected quarterly report, and financial analytics firm S3 Partners said short-sellers were slammed with $1.7 billion in paper losses on the day.



As the US market saw a bloodbath in October, tech giant Google’s parent company Alphabet saw a loss of 4.1 per cent.

Google co-founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin's fortune went down by a combined $4.5 billion.


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