In pics: Lion in Chinese zoo became internet star over unique hairstyle

 | Updated: Jun 02, 2022, 05:02 PM IST

A lion in China's zoo has created quite a stir on the internet after it was seen with a fringe hairstyle. Flaunting choppy bangs over its forehead, the lion was spotted at the Guangzhou Zoo, leaving many wondering as to who dared to give a haircut to the lion.

A visitor to the zoo snapped the pictures on a visit on May 28, and originally posted them to her Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) page. The photographs have since been re-shared widely online.

Lion with bangs?

A user on Chinese microblogging platform Wiebo, posted images of a lion named Hang Hang who was cramped by its stylist in the hot and humid weather in southwest China.

The user posted images of the lion in question, with surprising thick bangs.(Image courtesy:animalsMan1 /twitter)


People making a beeline

Ever since the picture became viral, many people have been making a beeline at the zoo to catch a glimpse of the lion. 


Netizens slam caretakers for messing up the exotic look

Soon after the pictures viral, many netizens disputed if zoo’s caretakers had anything to do with Hang Hang’s unusual haircut. Some people complained that the caretaker has messed up his exotic look. (Image courtesy: Guangzhou Zoological Garden)


Nature’s magic?

In response, the Guangzhou Zoo staff said that they had nothing to do with such a fringe style cut, adding that was "taken care of" by the lion itself.

They said that they wouldn't "dare" cut the white lion.

The keepers claim that the heated temperature is to be blamed for the “bangs” which caused the mane to drop downwards.