Iconic shades of blue: Evolution of Team India's jersey from 1985 to 2021

 | Updated: Oct 13, 2021, 10:30 PM IST

From shades of blues to historic designs, the Indian cricket team's jersey has come a long way. Here's a look at iconic jerseys of Indian cricket team since 1985:  

1985 Jersey

In 1985 Benson & Hedges World Championship of Cricket, the Indian cricket team wore coloured jerseys for the first time. Indian team won the Championship by defeating arch-rivals Pakistan.

Team India used a light blue jersey with yellow around the collars and in the centre. Surprisingly, the uniforms lacked any sponsors, logos, insignia, or even the names of the players.


1992 Jersey

For the first time in the 1992 World Cup, the Indian squad wore a jersey with the team's name on the front and the player's name on the back.


1993 Jersey

In 1993, India adopted a yellow shirt with a blue band across the front with the team's name.

The track pants, on the other hand, were a light blue colour.


1994 Jersey

Indian Team continued a mix of blue and yellow jersey for some time, the yellow on the jersey became more prominent. 

It had the 'India' written in blue and the players name in yellow colour.


1996 Jersey

In 1996 World Cup, Team India used a light blue and yellow shirt. Yellow collars were also included, as well as rainbow-colored arrows going across the chest and down the sleeves.


1997 Jersey

The dark blue BCCI logo runs from the left to the middle of the 1997. India wore this jersey in Independence Cup against Pakistan.


1998 Jersey

India's jersey was once again changed in 1998. 

After a significant spell of it being in shades of yellow and blue, it then became all blue, with a tricolour around the shoulders.


1999 Jersey

For the 1999 World Cup in England, Indian team wore a jersey in which yellow collar was back with a black border. 

A pattern of yellow expanded over the chest and arms with BCCI's logo on left side of the jersey.


2001 Jersey

In 2001, the BCCI logo shifted to right side of the jersey. The jersey also featured three strips of yellow on both sides with 'India' at the centre.

Sponsor Sahara was displayed above India and on the left sleeves in black colour with a white background.


2003 Jersey

The tricolour was painted from the bottom to the centre of the jersey, which was totally light blue. This was the shirt that India wore to the 2003 World Cup. It also featured the dark blue line on the sides.


2007 Jersey

The jersey was changed for the 2007 World Cup, a swirling tricolour stripe appeared across the right side of the shirt. 

India won the T20 World Cup in this jersey.


2011 Jersey

The jersey was halfway between dark and light blue with tricolour stripes on either side the year India won the World Cup. The sponsor, Sahara, featured once again on the left sleeve.


2015 Jersey

In the 2015 World Cup, the jersey missed tricolour. It was basic blue on the front, with the sponsor and team name. The track pants' pocket lining was orange.


2019 Jersey

An away jersey was introduced in the 2019 World Cup for the first time. The home jersey was identical to those used in prior tournaments.


2020 Jersey

The 1992 World Cup Oxford blue jersey was evolutised and updated from what it was two decades ago.

The Indian jersey featured a new sponsor 'Byjus' ahead of the 2020-21 tour. 


2021 Jersey

The latest jersey is identical to the last jersey of 2020 with shades of light blue from top to bottom.

Team India will wear this jersey in the T20 World Cup 2021.

BCCI wrote: "Fuelled by the billion blessings, Team India is ready to don the new jersey and bring out their A-game."