Iconic Indian adverts from the 90s that will warm the cockles of your heart

Written By: Pragati Awasthi | Updated: Sep 19, 2021, 10:48 AM IST

Nostalgia hits you when least expect it! Ever since Cadbury's recreated its 90s' ad with a new and modern twist, the internet has since been busy talking about how memorable 90s advertisements truly were.

Whether it was the popular Amul 'Doodh Doodh' ad jingle or the curly-haired School time boy. 

Here is a list of iconic Indian ads that will take you further down memory lane.


One of 90s most ad jingle was popular 'Doodh Doodh' by Amul that got everyone humming and dancing and gave reasons for people to start drinking milk.


School time

How can we forget the curly-haired kid from this ad. This Normal shoe advertisement is full of nostalgia -- from the school bell to the PT teacher's whistle, a playful clip literally takes you back to school. 


Washing powder Nirma

Still not forgotten it! Over the years, everything about Nirma advertisements have changed but the jingle remains largely unchanged. For decades, this jingle has had a huge recall value for its audience. 


Zandu Balm

We all remember the humming of the ‘Peera Hari’ song as toddlers. The Zandu Balm ad showcased the pure love between a mother and her daughter and we have all felt the emotion while watching TV.


The iconic ad by Cadbury's has now got a new spin to it.

The iconic ad by Cadbury has now got a new spin to it.  The popular 90s ad of the same brand takes people down memory lane. In the old ad, it was a woman who broke into a dance as her boyfriend hit a six at the crease and in the new one, it has a boyfriend or a friend watching a tense cricket match on the stands as his girlfriend is at the crease facing a tough ball.

The batswoman hits a six straight out of the field and the joyous boyfriend crosses the barricades and enters the cricket ground, breaking into a dance in celebration. 

(Photograph:WION Web Team)

Baratiyon Ka Swagat Pan Parag Se

The Pan Parag ad brought two cinema legends together: Ashok Kumar and Shammi Kapoor. Together, they taught us how to welcome the groom's side in Indian weddings: 'baratiyon ka swagat pan parag se'.