'Howdy, Modi': Trump-Modi bonhomie reignited at Houston

PM Modi said 'The participation highlights the strength of the relationship between the two countries and recognized the contribution of the Indian community to American society and economy'.

Sept 22, 2019

US President Trump and Indian PM Modi and came together to address the Indian-American community at 'Howdy, Modi' event at the NRG Stadium in Houston with both leaders pledging to further strengthen India-US ties.

The chemistry between the two leaders was visible as the two leaders walked together all the way to the stage.


Trump calls Modi 'The Most Loyal Friend'

President Donald Trump hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as one of the greatest friends of the United States and said he is doing a great job to people of India.

He also said that the ties between India and the US are stronger than ever.

"I am so thrilled to be here with one of America's greatest friend PM Modi of India. PM Modi is doing a great job with the people of India, " Trump said.


Trump hints he might visit India for NBA next month

Trump also hinted that he might visit the country next month to witness India's first NBA game. 

"Very soon India will have access to another world-class American product - NBA basketball. Wow, sounds good. Next week thousands in Mumbai will watch the first-ever NBA game in India..am I invited, Mr Prime Minister? I may come, be careful I may come."


PM Modi invited Trump and his family to visit India

PM Modi also addressed the Indian-Americans community and invited Trump and his family to visit India.

"Mr President Trump I want you to come to India, with your family. Our friendship will take our shared dreams and our vibrant future to new heights."

Modi, in his style, vouched for Trump ahead of 2020 presidential polls, saying "ab ki baar Trump sarkar".


'I learned a lot about India': Trump

PM Modi interacted with US President Donald Trump at G7 summit in France.

"We spoke about common values," PM Modi said with President Trump by his side they were in touch on trade issues.

"We are talking about trade, we're talking about military and many different things. We had some great discussions, we were together last night for dinner and I learned a lot about India," Trump said.


'The Strategic partnership'

PM Modi met President Trump during the G20 Osaka Summit.

He reiterated that he attaches priority to ties with the US and outlined his vision for the ''strategic partnership'' between the two countries in the new tenure of his government and beyond.




Visible symbol of bond between nationalist-minded leaders

Tens of thousands of Indian-Americans converged at Houston on Sunday for an unusual joint rally by Donald Trump and Narendra Modi, a visible symbol of the bond between the nationalist-minded leaders.


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