How much will the IPL 2020 lose if it gets shelved due to COVID-19?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Friday confirmed that the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 has been suspended till April 15 as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus pandemic. But what if it gets cancelled due to the global pandemic? Who will incur greater losses?

Let's check out!

Board of Control for Cricket in India

The Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) in India stands to lose the most if Indian Premier League this year gets shelved due to the ongoing global pandemic.

The Indian board earns 4000 crores through broadcasters and central sponsors in every IPL season.

Then they pay the franchises 2,000 crores with a proportion of 50:50.

If the season gets cancelled, BCCI will lose it's 2000 crores.


Broadcasters fail to make-up for their annual installment

Normally when the league takes place broadcasters earn their annual instalment of ₹3,300 crores through ad sales and distribution costs.

But if this year's IPL gets cancelled due to the on-going global coronavirus pandemic, broadcasters of the league will fail to get this amount.


Event companies, match officials and industry executives

Event companies, Match officials and industry executives earn from the IPL, they won't earn any penny if this year's Indian Premier League gets cancelled.  


Cricketers in IPL

Cricketers across the globe who take part the Indian Premier League earn ₹680 crores from a collective purse. 

Cancellations would mean that players will lose out on earning this sum.  


Sponsors lose their visibility

Sponsors like 'VIVO' generally pay ₹439 crores to the BCCI every season over their visibility during matches. 

If IPL 2020 gets cancelled they will not pay this amount to the BCCI this season.


Franchises lose money

Each franchise earns ₹250 crores from the central pool every year and ₹30 crores from the local revenue pools annually. 

This year's cancellation would mean massive losses for the franchises.  


State associations

State associations of each team will lose about 56 crores they earned every season.