How countries are using robots to fight coronavirus pandemic?

Countries are using robots to replace and help humans combat coronavirus which has killed more than 20,000 people globally by delivering groceries, sanitizing hospitals, and monitoring patients.

Let's take a look how the US, China and Europe are doing so:




Sanitizing robots

The countries are using robots to spray disinfectants through residential as well as industrial areas.



Hand sanitizer-dispenser

They are using hand sanitizer-dispensing robots to control the spread of the virus and help healthcare workers.



Temperature monitoring robots

Patrol robots are being used in hospitals to check temperatures and to disinfect people as well as spaces.



Food preparation

Robots are being used for more than just disinfecting areas with coronavirus. Hospitals are incorporating robot chefs into their kitchen. Every robot can reportedly produce 100 pots of food per hour.



Food delivery

Sharing food presents an opportunity to spread the virus, so some the countries have been incorporating robots in food service and preparation.



Grocery delivery

Yellow robots are in demand to deliver groceries and patrol malls for people not wearing face masks in these countries.



Ninja robot

They are using "ninja robots" designed for stroke patients to make them useful with patients who have COVID-19. The robots can take patients' temperatures and protect the safety of healthcare workers by reducing interactions with sick people.