Hotel Saratoga: The 'it' place in Cuba, now in ruins

Written By: Manas Joshi | Updated: May 07, 2022, 06:35 PM IST

Hotel Saratoga in Cuban capital Havana was ruined in a massive blast on May 6. More than 20 people have died and many have been injured in this blast. Hotel Saratoga was the 'it' place in Havana, with A-list megastars like Beyonce and Jay-Z having been guests. The destruction of the iconic and historic hotel is surely a tragedy.

Hotel Saratoga

Hotel Saratoga is a luxury hotel. It is located on Paso del Prado in Old Havana.


The architecture

The beautiful hotel was built in neoclassical architecture. It was built in 1880 as a warehouse but was remodelled as hotel in 1933.


Hotel Saratoga Beyonce Jay Z

The luxury Hotel Saratoga has seen some big stars as guests. This file photo shows Beyonce and Jay-Z in Hotel Saratoga in 2013.


Gem of old Havana

The beautiful building was certainly a view to behold


The blast hotel saratoga

On MAY 6, 2022, A blast ruined the hotel. It is suspected that a gas leak caused that massive blast.