'Hope': Little Amal, a 3.5 metre-tall Syrian refugee puppet, reaches UK

After a long trek through the Europe, Little Amal — a tall puppet of a Syrian refugee girl — has finally reached the UK where she was welcomed with celebratory chants

Tall and strong

A giant puppet of a Syrian refugee girl was welcomed at St Paul's Cathedral. The puppet is 3.5-metre tall and was welcomed by a huge crowd and a group of children who yelled "Amal! Amal! Amal!"


The Walk

The puppet arrived in London as a part of an international art project The Walk. 'Little Amal' was designed by The Handspring Puppet Company.



'Amal' means 'hope' in Arabic. Little Amal depicts the story of refugees, especially children, who have had to walk miles for safety and other basic needs.


Recreating refugee route

Little Amal travelled nearly 5,000 miles to reach to the UK, recreating a route that refugees take to flee from war-torn countries. The organisers believe that this gives "an opportunity for people to be sympathetic and imagine what it would be like to be her"


A long trek

She walked through Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium to reach to the UK. Little Amal attracted crowds in several cities and towns,


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