Hong Kong streets crowded with protesters; police takes control by throwing pepper bombs

As China passed the Hong Kong security law, from lawmaker hurling object in the council to people protesting on streets, here are some key moments of the past two days.

Lawmaker hurls odorous object in Legislative council

Police gather evidence in the main chamber of the Legislative Council after a pan-democrat lawmaker hurled an odorous object during the Second Reading of the National Anthem Bill in Hong Kong on May 28, 2020.


Students protest

As the security law was passed, students from Hong Kong and Taiwan displayed placards reading “Bad laws of China’s national security" during a protest outside the Hong Kong’s Taipei office.


300 people arrested

Around 300 people were arrested, most for illegal assembly, in three districts, police said.


Protesters blocked roads

Pro-democracy protesters, on May 27, blocked roads with construction material in the Mongkok district of Hong Kong hours before China passed new security laws for Hong Kong.


Repeated warnings were issued

Police warned protesters before firing pepper balls to handle the growing crowd.


Aegis - a restaurant with a meaning

Various messages of support for Hong Kong’s freedom are displayed in the window of the Aegis, a restaurant started by a Hong Kong lawyer to help those who have left the city, in Taipei. 


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