Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan: From drab to fab, 2019 belonged to this actor

There's no doubt that the year 2019 belonged to superstar Hrithik Roshan who made remarkable comeback with two back to back hits. Roshan began the year with 'Super 30' where he played mathematician Anand Kumar and ended the year with a bang in October with the stylised actioner 'War'. 

As he turns 46 on January 10, here's a look at the gorgeous, talented actor's amazing year at the movies. 

Super 30

'Super 30' was Hrithik Roshan's first outing of 2019 after two years of gap. His last film 'Kaabil' in 2017 did earn over Rs 100 crores but did not create much hype.

When the trailer of 'Super 30' came out, the actor earned praises and criticism in equal mesaures. Some felt he looked exactly like Anand Kumar, the Maths professor on whose life the film was based while others felt he was miscast.




Hrithik as Anand Kumar

To look his character in 'Super 30', the actor adopted mannerisms of Kumar, tried to speak a different dialect and appeared two shades darker. But the actor also faced criticism for it as many felt it looked too forced.

When the film released though, Hrithik was lauded for his earnest performance in the movie which found its way into everyone's heart. 


Controversial journey

'Super 30' had a tough journey before its release. The biopic was earlier scheduled to release in 2018 but its filmmaker Vikas Bahl was accused of sexual harassment during the #MeToo movement and was asked to step down from the film till investigation on the matter was completed. Being the leading man of the film Hrithik was also called out because of his silence on sexual misconduct- the actor did make a statement on the matter eventually but many stated it was too little and too late. The film ultimately made its way to the theatres in the year 2019, after Vikas was cleared from charges due to lack of evidence. 

The film eventually became a blockbuster and was one of the top grosser of 2019. 



Hrithik's second outing in 2019 was in YRF's 'War' which had the actor donning a completely different look from 'Super 30'. Filmmaker Siddharth Anand presented Hrithik in the most stylised manner possible which had fans of the actor drooling over him all over again. The film also starred Tiger Shroff and was the highest earner of 2019. 


Roshan's chiselled look

For 'War', Hrithik not just showed off his biceps but also the greys in his hair. It was almost like Raj from 'Kaho Na Pyaar Hai' had suddenly grown up to this drool worthy Kabir in 'War'.

The actor's chiselled look became a talking point from the time the film's trailer was released and it even had actress Deepika Padukone swooning over his looks and terming him as "death by chocolate''


Sexiest Asian Male

With two back-to-back hits, Hrithik was named as the 'Sexiest Asian Male' of 2019 and of the decade. 

Here's to the man who knows how to reinvent and make a remarkable comebacks every time his critics write him off!





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