Greece: Thousands of migrants become homeless after fire destroys Europe's largest camp

Thousands of migrants were left homeless after massive fires burnt down Europe's largest migrant camp on Lesbos island in Greece last week. 

Since the fires, scenes from the ground showed firing by riot police, asylum seekers running with their children and a number of other miserable incidents. 

Sleeping on the streets

Over 11,000 migrants, who were largely from Afghanistan, are living on streets since Wednesday. In this photo, a child is sleeping along the roadside following the destruction of the overcrowded and unsanitary camp of Moria.  


Riot police fire tear gas

There were arrangements made at Kara Tepe camp to accommodate the refugees. However, because of the unhygienic conditions, many migrants didn't enter and protested which led to stone pelting on riot police. The police responded with firing tear gas on them on Saturday. 


Children's cry explain the misery 

Several children were seen crying in fear and grief after the police fired tear gas over clashes near the city of Mytilene in Lesbos. 


Massive queues for food distribution

Finding shelter is not just the only problem haunted by the migrants. In the image, several migrants are seen lined up for food distribution. 


Capturing the destruction

This image can describe the height of destruction which captures the camp of Moria a few days after it was burnt down. 


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