Future of concerts? 'The Flaming Lips' perform in plastic bubbles in COVID times

In the pandemic era, maintaining a safe distancing is the utmost importance and keeping that in mind, 'The Flaming Lips' held their first COVID-19 concert in a very unique way. The live show, which held at Oklahoma City, showed each member of the band and audience inside a giant plastic bubble.


Covid-era concert

The Flaming Lips have found a unique way to host a concert in the age of COVID-19 era. The band hosted their planned performance in their hometown of Oklahoma City, where the audience and band members danced while staying inside big plastic bubbles. 







Stay inside the bubble or wear mask!

As an extra safety precaution, people at the concert were asked to wear a face mask and practice social distancing when not inside their bubble. 


Bubble concert

During the concert, head of the band Wayne Coyne was singing, while staying inside the bubble. To give their audience an upclose experience, Wayne rolled atop on the fans while maintaining social distancing and staying in their own giant bubble.


Bringing live music back in times of COVID-19

The concept sees both band and audience members encased in giant bubbles for multi-sensory performance experience. According to a recent interview, the band thinks this could be a way to bring back live music, ''I think that’s kind of the dilemma we’re all in is that are we waiting for it to go back to normal or are we starting to plot, ‘What’s the future look like? What is the future of live music?’” said Wayne Coyne. 


Future of concerts?

The group has been discussing the idea since the beginning of the pandemic. They first unveiled it on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'. The concert was reportedly a test for future concerts. 


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