From Gunther to Mr Treeger: Fan-favourite 'Friends' stars who have passed away

 | Updated: May 07, 2022, 07:46 PM IST

'Friends' is one such iconic show whose magic will never fade away. Apart from the six main leads, the show was made strong with other side characters who gave us serious laugh attacks. 

From James Michael Tyler, who famously played 'Gunther' to veteran actor Ron Liebman - Dr Leonard Green aka Rachel's dad, here we have curated the list of our fan-favourite 'Friends' stars who are no longer with us. 

James Michael Tyler (Gunther)

Actor James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther in the hit TV sitcom Friends died aged 59 on Oct 24, 2021.

The actor died after battling cancer for a prolonged period of time. Tyler may not have had the same screen time as the six other actors on the sitcom, but he made his character Gunther memorable. 

In the show, Gunther worked as a waiter and manager of the coffee house, Central Perk. He had a crush on Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel throughout the series.


Mike Hagerty (Mr Treeger)

Friends actor Mike Hagerty, who played the role of Mr Treeger, died on May 5, 2022. He was 67. Hagerty's character was the caretaker of the building where the whole group used to live.

He appeared in the iconic show in different episodes and gave comic relief with his small-screen time appearance. Some of his iconic appearances are in episodes when Joey teaches him the dance and when he mocks Rachel.



Taylor Negron (Allesandro)

The one where Monika got the job, thanks to Allesandro. Actor Taylor Negron has worked in many acclaimed movies but Friends fans know him as  Allesandro, the head of an Italian restaurant. 

Although he only appeared in one episode of the iconic sitcom, yet, he gave one of the most loved banter of the series. In the episode, he visits Monika's apartment after she wrote harsh reviews about his food place. 

For the unversed, the actor died in the year 2015 after suffering from liver cancer.


Ron Leibman (Dr. Leonard Green)

Rachel's dad Dr. Leonard Green! Emmy and Tony-winning actor Ron Leibman, who was part of many famous projects in his career, cemented his name in the mind of Friends fans as Rachel's father. He died in the year 2019 after battling pneumonia.



Joel Beeson (The Hombre Man)

How can we forget this episode when Joey gets a job in the showroom as a perfume sprayer and as always he competes with another salesman in the showroom Todd The Hombre Man. Actor Joel Beeson played the role in the one episode titled 'The One With The Breast Milk'.

Joe died in the year 2017 due to liver disease. He was 51 years old.