From 'explosive sex' to dome home: Winners of the wildlife photographer of the year

Photographers from all across the globe participate in the wildlife photographer of the year. But only the best win the honourable title.

Here is a list of this year's winner:

Explosive sex

Laurent Ballesta's picture called 'explosive sex' won the adult grand title winner. It shows an underwater explosion in which group a group of fawners rush to release their sperms.

(Image credit: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021)


Dome home

Vidyun R Hebbar's creation 'dome home' won the young grand title winner award. It shows an occupied spider’s web in a gap in a wall.


Elephant in the room

Adam Oswell's 'elephant in the room' won the photojournalism award. It shows people being captivated by an elephant behind a glass wall in Thailand.


Head to head

Italian photographer Stefano Unterthiner's 'head to head' won in the Behaviour: Mammals category. He tried to capture "the smell, the noise, the fatigue and the pain" he felt in the moment.


Road to ruin

Spanish photographer Javier Lafuente's 'road to ruin' won the prize in the Wetlands: The Bigger Picture category. It shows a straight road slicing through the wetlands.


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