From Cheese Sweater To Distressed Shoes: 10 Absurd Luxury Items Brands Want Us To Buy

Written By: Pragati Awasthi | Updated: Jan 16, 2023, 06:33 PM IST

Fashion is very unpredictable. Over the years, there are quite a few bizarre fashion trends that have taken everyone's attention from grass-stained denim, Baguette Bag to cheese sweaters with holes. 

Here we have collected some surprisingly strange fashion things, that we don't know who will wear.

Baguette bag

Silvia Venturini Fendi's latest clutches are, literally, shaped like loaves of the French baguette. The designer showcased her latest creations in Fall/Winter 2023 menswear collection for the house at Milan Fashion Week Men’s. She delivered several looks focused on sophisticated comfort.



One can never fully understand fashion. Luxury brand Balenciaga is being trolled on the internet for their new  'Paris Sneaker' collection.  The distressed shoes line feature 100 pairs of limited edition fully destroyed sneakers. 

The new line features both high-top sneakers and mules and is available for pre-order online worldwide. The collection though had got the internet talking for all the wrong reasons. The distressed sneakers are priced between Rs 1.4 lacs (USD 1,850)  to Rs 48,279 (USD 625) and most on the internet had stated that the fully destroyed luxury sneakers look like they have been "excavated from an ancient site or a landfill".


Distressed stockings by Gucci

Gucci made this weird distressed stockings and was selling it for a whopping $190, or Rs 14,170. The popular social media handle, Diet Prada brought these bizarre items to everyone's attention which was sold out in minutes. Honestly, who bought it?


Balloon latex pants

Balloon latex pants or we can also call them Alladin pants. The big heavy pants are from designer Harikrishnan. He presented it for his graduate collection at the London College of Fashion. The collection features unusual pants with exaggerated 3-D silhouettes. The absurd pants may look interesting on the ramp but before buying it please wear and learn how to walk in them, we suggest.


Baguette Bag by Moschino

This one is bizarre but a gourmet creation by Italian fashion brand Moschino. A new 'Baguette' bag is a maxi-clutch made with leather and a gold-plated plate and people can buy this for  $1,170, which is approximately Rs 86,194. 


Grass-Stained Denim Pants (Gucci)

After so many experiments with the jeans, now Gucci launched a pair of jeans with the grass stain and left everyone berserk. The luxury brand sold this bizarre fashion at the hefty price of 600 pounds that is approximately Rs 56,501. A little tip for those who are liking these pants, despite buying it, take the pair of your old jeans and go and rollover at your garden or any park. 


Noodles shoe by Bottega Veneta

Luxury Fashion House Bottega Veneta's 'noodle shoes' have a weird resemblance with uncooked instant noodles. The weird sandals will cost you somewhere around Rs 1 lakh. 


Inverted cat eye sunglasses by Gucci

It's an upside world for luxury brand Gucci as it recently launched an inverted cat-eye sunglasses in their glassware range. The price of the sunglasses will also give you a mini jolt as it costs $755 (Rs 55, 672).


KFC X Crocs Bucket Clog

Imagine having KFC chicken wings on your Crocs. Sounds gross right? The two brands teamed up to create KFC X Crocs Bucket Clog, a limited edition shoe covered in a fried chicken print. The most unreal pair of shoes will cost you around  $59.99. 


Potato Sack Pants

Ever given a thought to jute sacks? Well, this brand had us buying pants made out of potato sacks. In the picture, a pant wore by the dummy also had an ink print. Where do they get their ideas from?


Cheese sweater by Prada

Luxury label Prada recently unveiled a new sweater that looks like a block of cheese. The bizarre sweater has been listed on the official Prada website as they call it an “openwork viscose turtleneck sweater”. The strikingly cheesy yellow sweater with symmetrical holes cut out in them is priced at a steep £905 or approximately Rs 90,656.


Sooby Dooby footwear

Like its contemporaries, Givenchy too stirred up the internet for a very weird reason -- for its three-toed sandals. While the French luxury fashion house is known for its breathtaking collections, in 2020, they unveiled their new collection of heeled footwear that netizens named Scooby-Doo footwear and rightly so! 



Telephone cord necklace

Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta is taking the headlines for some bizarre fashion things again. The Italian brand is selling a necklace that resembles a telephone cord and what is more shocking is the price. The telephone cord necklace will cost you USD 2,000 that is Rs 1,45,189 in Indian Rupee.


Airplane-shaped handbag

The luxury fashion Louis Vuitton is selling a Air plane bag that will never take off, for the price of a new car. The new kind of bag was presented during its Fall-Winter 2021 collection by American designer Virgil Abloh. The bag with Louis Vuitton’s traditional monogram logo will come in the price of $39,000 (INR 28,61,235).


Gucci kurta

Luxury label Gucci found itself becoming the talk of the town among Indian fans as it listed a bizarre price for a clothing item on its official website. 

We are talking about a fancy kurta that Gucci is selling on its website that they priced at an exorbitant $3,500, roughly translating to Rs 2.5 lakh. Called the “organic linen kaftan” with floral embroidery, the kurta is made in Italy. The linen kaftan has a neck opening with a self-tie tassel.