'Fridays for future': Greta Thunberg comes in support of young climate activists in Milan, ahead of COP 26

 | Updated: Oct 01, 2021, 03:08 PM IST

Continuing the movement of 'Fridays for future', young climate activists of Milan took to streets to raise their voices against worsening climate crisis

Opposing leaders

Young climate activists took to streets in Milan to raise their voices against 'lack' of climate action taken by international governments.


'Fridays for future' movement

These young children carried out this rally as a part of 'Fridays for future' movement. Meanwhile, Youth4Climate and Pre-COP 26 events are also being held in Milan.


Greta joins in!

Famous young climate activist Greta Thunberg also joined the rally to show her support to the movement — which was made popular by her years ago.


Not enough

This comes a little after Greta Thunberg lashed out at global leaders for not doing enough. "It is clearer than ever that no political party is doing close to enough. But it's even worse than that. Not even their proposed commitments are close to being in line with what would be needed to fulfil the Paris Agreement" on curbing climate change, she said.


Raise voices and banners

Youngsters showed up with several banners and placards reading 'Save Earth', 'Time to take action', 'let's not destroy the Earth, it's the only planet' and much more