Female Tennis players & their best on-court fashion statements: Serena Williams to Emma Raducanu

Updated: Jan 23, 2022, 06:41 PM(IST)

The high-impact fashion style of tennis champions has always been an attention seeker. From 90's legendary player Steffi Graff to the 19-year-old British Sensation, Emma Raducanu, whose Tiffany jewellery pieces has become the talk of the world. 

Check out tennis players on-court fashion experiments:

Emma Raducanu

Apart from her storming Tennis career, Emma Raducanu is known for her love for jewellery. The 19-year-old British tennis sensation become the face of Tiffany & Co. in 2021. Now, the Raducanu grabbed the headlines for wearing more than £40,000-worth of Tiffany jewellery as she made her Australian Open debut.

On the court, the young tennis player was wearing an £18,900 bangle, a matching ring worth £4,975 and matching £2,575 earrings. She was also wearing a large cross pendant priced at £9,875.


Selena Williams

The legendary tennis player Selena Williams is a sports and style icon. Williams always stands out for her on-court fashion looks, whether it's her leopard print tunic, the neon-green cut-out back dress from Australian Open 2015 or wearing blue denim Nike miniskirt, with a tank top and black sneaker boots, perhaps it was her boldest fashion creation yet. Over the years, Williams has never shied away from showing off her fierce stylish fashion taste on the court, and we have loved it. 


Naomi Osaka

Tennis champion Naomi Osaka is finally back to the court from a sabbatical, which she took to take care of her mental health. Over the years, Naomi has been an inspiration both on and off the tennis court and have pushed political bounderies by wearing face masks with the names of victims of police brutality at the 2020 US Open, along with adding her own style in a bodysuit with neon orange skirt, which she worn in her semi-final match against Serena Williams in 2021.  


Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza, the ace tennis player who is also known for her countless wins is also an absolute fashion icon! Sania with her trademark nose piercing, her witty t-shirts, and dark and bold colour on-court fashion, has made an indelible impression on a generation of Indians — whether they are tennis lovers or not.


Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf dominated women’s tennis in the late 1980s and early 90s and in terms of fashion, she brought colour, flowery print to the court. 


Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova, who's known as the fashion queen of tennis, has always caught the world's attention with her incredible on-court fashion style  Her tennis outfits have created a sensation from the beginning of her career, she’s one the tallest player and has always taken full advantage of her lean, long legs by wearing miniskirts and tank tops and once she walked in the court wearing an astounding red dress. 

In her career, she has trotted out an array of dazzling, simple yet classic outfits that have created a new style among female tennis apparel. 



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