Farewell Boeing 747: The original jumbo jet

Updated: Dec 19, 2017, 02:21 PM(IST)

The Boeing 747, has passed into aviation history. It took its final commercial flight on Seoul-to-Detroit route

Boeing 747

The first Boeing 747 is rolled out of the Boeing company's plant in the State of Washington in September 1968.

Boeing 747, the favourite of American presidents and key to affordable mass market air travel in the US, passed into aviation history this week. Nearly 50 years after the its debut, the 747 took its final commercial flight.


The first flight took place on February 09, 1969

On September 30, 1968, the first 747 was rolled out of the Everett assembly building before the world's press and representatives of the 26 airlines that had ordered the plane, and the first flight took place on February 09, 1969.


Mrs Richard M.Nixon aboard

Mrs Richard M.Nixon (sitting) gets a demonstration of the eating accommodations with two air hostess aboard the new Pan American Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet after Christening ceremonies at Dulles Airport, Washington, on January 15, 1970.


Pilots are discussing after its first commercial flight

Pan American Airways pilots are seen in the cockpit of the Boeing 747 at London Heathrow airport, on January 22, 1970, after its first commercial flight.


The first Boeing 747 delivered to Air France company

The first Boeing 747 delivered to Air France company takes off for a test flight on March 09, 1970 in Seattle.


Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini posing aboard

The photo was taken 01 February 1979 at Tehran airport of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini posing aboard the Air France Boeing 747 jumbo that flew him back from exile in France to Tehran.


Jumbo jet carrying US space shuttle

US space shuttle "Enterprise", on the back of a Boeing 747 takes off from Le Bourget airport, on May 27, 1983, during the International Paris Air Show.


Debris from an Air India Boeing 747

Irish naval authorities bring ashore debris from an Air India Boeing 747, 28 June 1985 in Cork. The aircraft crashed 23 June with some 329 people on board. Two Sikh men were arrested in Vancouver, British Columbia 27 October 2000 and charged with killing 329 people aboard the Air India flight that took off from Canada and exploded off the coast of Ireland.


Boeing 747 during African Nations Cup soccer

A South African Boeing 747 flies over the FNB stadium in Johannesburg February 3, 1996, during the closing ceremony of the African Nations Cup soccer.


Former US President Bill Clinton

US President Bill Clinton (L) checks on the media cabin aboard Air Force One late on June 11, 1996.


Cathay Pacific Airlines Boeing 747 wearing new paint

A news crew records a Cathay Pacific Airlines Boeing 747 wearing new paint celebrating Hong Kong's sovereignty change as it arrives on its first flight to Hong Kong June 19, 1997.


Pokemon Jet US version

Ground crew of All Nippon Airways (ANA) wave to "Pokemon Jet US version" Boeing 747-400, 24 February, leaving for its first overseas flight heading for New York, at the New Tokyo International airport.


Virgin Atlantic Airways boss Richard Branson

Virgin Atlantic Airways boss Richard Branson (C) waves as he emerges from a Boeing 747-400 at the arrival of the inaugural flight of Virgin's new London-Delhi service 06 July 2000.


Japanese Crown Prince and Princess

Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito (L) and Princess Masako (R) wave farewell as they board their Tokyo-bound Boeing 747-400 at Canberra Airport, 19 December 2002, at the conclusion of a three-day goodwill visit to Australia.


The Boeing that carried the Olympic Flame in 2004

The Boeing 747 in which the Olympic Flame travelled, is seen during a ceremony before the departure for its first step, Sydney, in Athens' International airport, June 2, 2004.


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