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East to west, north to south, India celebrates new harvest

The harvest festival is called Lohri in Punjab, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, and Bihu in Assam

Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is the oldest and the most colourful harvest festival in India.

It is celebrated across India for the harvest of new crops with bonfire, carnivals, songs, dances, kite flying and rallies.

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Lohri is celebrated mainly in Punjab and in some parts of Haryana.

Lohri is a renowned harvest festival sugarcane crops.

It showcases traditional dance and songs.

Entire family and neighbours gather around the bonfire and sing together and offer grains, corns, and nuts to respect the grand harvest.



Bihu is a very popular festival of northeast especially, Assam. The entire state of Assam showcases its enthusiasm in celebrating the festival.

People celebrate and cherish the efforts of cultivation at the time of reaping the benefits. They make rangoli, decorate their houses and worship the god for the new harvest.

Local women wear stunning mukhlas and participate in group songs and dance.

Key attractions of the festival are Bihu dance, Til Pitha and the most popular dish is sweetpongal.

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Pongal is celebrated in Tamil Nadu, it is a very popular festival of South India.

It is believed that Pongal is the other name of Makar Sankranti but the preparations and celebrations are very different.

This is a thanksgiving celebration festival where people express their deep gratitude to mother nature for the produce of the year.

They decorate their houses with Kolam worship Lord for rain, they also cook the newly harvested rice with milk and offer it to Sun god.



Indian farmers express their delight and happiness on the good harvest. People of Punjab and Haryana celebrate Baisakhi by thanking God.

Men, women and kids perform Bhangra and Gidda wear their best colourful dresses, sing the happiest songs, and dance to the thumping beats of Dhol.

(Photograph:WION Web Team)

Ladakh Harvest Festival

Ladakh Harvest Festival is celebrated in Ladakh, Zanskar and Kargil.

Dramas or ‘Chhams’ are performed to display life and teachings of Buddha and different dance forms of Tibetan culture.

The festival has gained popularity worldwide. People decorate the city, stupas, monasteries and temples for this festival of new crops.

(Photograph:WION Web Team)