Dhoni, his words and numbers

 | Updated: Jan 05, 2017, 05:05 PM IST
Here's a look at memorable quotes and stats from Dhoni's career.

20160105_1 Dhoni debut dates

This is when Dhoni made his debut in various cricket formats.

20170106_2 Most stumpings

The former Indian captain has done the most stumpings by a keeper in international cricket.

20170105_3 Most sixes as captain

Dhoni is the international captain with the most sixes.

20170105_4 Most matches played by captain

Dhoni has played the most matches among Indian captains, third-most matches when we consider captains around the world.

20170105_5 Most matches won as Indian captain

Dhoni won the most matches as Indian captain with a win rate of 55%.

20170105_7 Highest paid Indian cricketer

Dhoni earns $1.8 million from endorsements a year, more than any other Indian cricketer.

By Saurabh Goenka, Creatives: Simranjeet Singh & Ishu Vaid