Devils chase children in Czech village's Christmas custom


 | Updated: Dec 08, 2019, 10:00 PM IST

Masked devils march through the village, rattling their chains and clanking bells, going door-to-door to search for badly-behaved children.

A pre-Christmas tradition

The sinister-looking pre-Christmas tradition in the Czech village of Valasska Polanka is actually a celebration of the 4th-century Saint Nicholas, who appears in costume to soothe the children with sweets.


'Good fun'

Chased in the snow by 40 fearsome figures in sheepskin masks, the village youngsters saw it as good fun.


'They chase us, it is awesome'

"The tradition is beautiful, we enjoy it, we run away from those devils, they chase us, it is awesome," said Vaclav Kozubik a teenager from Valasska Polanka, some 330 km southeast of the capital Prague.


Mask with a story

One of the devils, wearing a 40-year-old mask once used by his father, was critical of novelties like the Krampus masks worn in the Christmas period across central Europe.


'Cerny Cert'

"The (younger) lads are influenced by the Krampus a bit, they are trying to adjust their horns, but we older (ones) don't like it much; we want our Polanka tradition to go on," said one masked man who gave his name as Cerny Cert - meaning Dark Devil.


Devils overrun the village

Revellers dressed as devils walk through the village of Valasska Polanka during a traditional Saint Nicholas parade near the town of Vsetin, Czech Republic, December 7, 2019.