Death fair in Russia exhibits latest trends in funerals

A 'death fair' has been organised in the Russian capital Moscow amid the relentless spread of COVID-19 in the country.

Let's take a look at it:


Glamorous funeral options

Russia has opened a funeral exhibition amid a surge in coronavirus countries.  While participants simulate a mourning ceremony, the trade show is showcasing glamorous funeral options.


'Mourning fashion show'

Several models have participated in a 'mourning fashion show' at the funeral exhibition in Moscow. It is scheduled to run from October 26-28.



A 'ritual floristry' as well as an embalming class has been organised at the expo. The exhibition is a joint project of the Russian NECROPOL trade fair and the Italian TANEXPO.


Latest funeral trends

The 'death fair' showcases the latest trends in European and Russian funerals. The annual events held here are the largest of their kind.


Russia facing toughest restrictions

Facing the toughest restrictions since the early months of the pandemic, many Russians have decided that now is an ideal time to fly off for a foreign beach holiday instead of hunkering down at home.

Workplaces across Russia are due to close in the first week of November for paid "non-working days" to slow the relentless spread of COVID-19. Russia on Wednesday reported 1,123 new COVID-19 deaths, its highest one-day toll of the pandemic so far.

In Moscow, unvaccinated over-60s have been locked down for four months, and shops other than pharmacies and supermarkets will shut from Thursday until Nov. 7.

An unintended consequence of the tightening curbs - accompanied by appeals to wear masks, observe social distancing and get vaccinated - has been a sharp increase in foreign travel bookings to destinations where Russia's flagship Sputnik V is recognised or where COVID entry requirements are cheap and easy.


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