Countries where drinking tap water is reality

Ever wonder what would it be like if one would not have to carry a bottle of mineral water while travelling? Believe it or not, there exists scores of countries where travellers can roam about and not worry about how safe the drinking water is... You can simply drink from the tap! 

WION takes a look at some of the countries where drinking water straight from the tap is not utopian but a reality. 

United States

Picture a scene from a Hollywood movie where the actor casually walks up to the kitchen sink, flips open the tap and drinks water straight from there!

The United States is one of the countries where drinking water is not a far-fetched dream but a full-fledged reality.  



America's neighbouring country also offers the same, freedom from the hassle of installing a water purifier. 


United Kingdom

Some the countries on the list would not come as a shocker, most nations that provide clean tap water fit for consumption are also some of the most developed economies - the United Kingdom is one of them. 



Interestingly, Japan is one of the few countries in Asia that provide safe drinking water from the tap. Inarguably, water purifiers are an absolute necessity back at home in India.

(Photograph:Zee News Network)

Saudi Arabia

Close to India but remarkably advanced when it comes to the quality of water. If you are in Saudi Arabia, get used to safe drinking water running directly from the tap. 


European countries

Interestingly, if you plan to head to Europe you will not have to vex over drinking water. Finland, Poland, Spain, Croatia, Belgium, France, Germany are some of the many countries in the continent where tap water is fit for consumption. 

(Photograph:Zee News Network)

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