Agnipath protest: Similar military recruitment scheme followed by other countries- See pics

Updated: Jun 19, 2022, 07:17 PM(IST)

The Agnipath recruitment scheme unveiled by the Indian government has triggered a massive backlash from the youths over its short tenure policy and concerns over rehiring. As the Indian armed forces—Air Force, Navy and Army—prepare to hire the first batch of soldiers, here are other countries who have rolled out similar recruitment plan.

United States of America

Applicants are enlisted for a four-year period, followed by a four-year reserve duty period.

Soldiers are applicable for pensions after a service of 20 years. 



Russia follows a hybrid model for conscription and recruitment of applicants.  Till 2021, all male citizens in the age group of 18-27 years old are subjected to conscription for one year service in the armed forces and put into reserve.

The extension for soldiers typically signs contract for 3 years. And for pension, its applicable to those who have served for 20 years.



The conscription model in China requires all males above the age of 18 to serve the military services. 

Though, the term of minimum service varies to different defence services. For army the minimum service required to be served is for 3 years, Navy for 4 years and Air Force for 4 years.

The voluntary extension term is extended for minimum 8 years and maximum for 1 year. 


Israel (Representative Image)

Israel (Representative Image)



The conscription model in France ended in 2001. Volunteers can currently sign up for a year contract which can be extended to 5 years maximum. Soldiers are given training for a duration of three months.

Soldiers who serve for 19 years are eligible for pensions.


South Korea

The country mandates males between the age group of 18 to 28 to perform compulsory serve for the military.

The term period for Army is 21 months, Navy for 24 months and Air Force for 25 months.



For every male 18 years old and above, its compulsory to join the army.

This generally lasts for 12 months, but during practice applicants are not forced to serve against their will.


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