Coronavirus pandemic: 'Super-spreaders' across the globe

Updated: Mar 21, 2020, 06:52 PM(IST)

Super-spreaders of coronavirus can be defined as those people who are highly infectious, and, knowingly or unknowingly, tend to spread the virus to others. It is crucial to identify and restrain them because they lead to an explosive growth in the early stages of the outbreak and contribute to sustained transmission in the later stages.

Let us take a look at the super-spreaders of the world:



Nazia Gulzar

Former senator Waqar Gulzar’s sister Nazia Gulzar was tested positive for coronavirus in Lahore on March 18 after attending a gathering of more than 60 people in Lahore's posh restaurant Aylanto.

The restaurant was sealed along with her own house. All the people who were present at the restaurant at the when Nazia visited, have been placed under quarantine.

She attended a wedding at Islamabad. Nazia's family travels to foreign countries frequently.



The second case of a super-spreader from Pakistan another female from a reputable family who hid her travel history.

She landed back in Pakistan on March 16 after travelling to the United Kingdom.

She suspected that she might get tested positive. Therefore, she hid in the washroom of the airport to prevent herself from and then she eventually left.

She was asked to get herself tested after she exhibited symptoms of the coronavirus but instead of doing so, she attended dinners and parties.

Police eventually raided her house and got a hold of her. Three people have been tested positive including a lady from her house.


United Kingdom

The third coronavirus case in Britain was a man in his 50s who contracted the infection at a conference in Singapore. He then travelled to France where he stayed with his family in a ski chalet.

Five people who were in the chalet, including a boy of nine, have tested positive for coronavirus since the man came back to the UK on an easyJet flight and was diagnosed in Brighton.

Another Briton who was on holiday in the chalet flew back to his home in Mallorca and was admitted to hospital in Palma.

The chief medical officer said four more people had tested positive in England, all of whom were also on the skiing holiday in France.



Half of Uruguay's coronavirus cases were traced to a single guest at a society party called fashion designer Carmela Hontou.

She had a travel history to Spain and was tested positive after she attended a social party.

44 other guests at that party later on tested positive for the virus as well. 


South Korea

More than 60 per cent of South Korea's cases are linked to the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, a religious sect often condemned as a cult. It was deemed as a super-spreader.

Seoul officials are investigating the founder and top leaders of the church.



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