Cleared by Mueller, Trump still faces some ongoing investigations & lawsuits

Though Trump declared that he had been completely exonerated after his campaign was cleared of colluding with Russia in the 2016 election. Here are some ongoing investigations and lawsuits against Trump:


Michael Cohen sues Trump for unpaid legal fees

Michael Cohen, the former personal lawyer of Trump, on March 7 sued the Trump Organization, saying it reneged on its obligation to reimburse him for millions of dollars of legal fees and costs related to his work.

Cohen said the Trump Organization owes him at least $3.8 million, and its failure to pay breached a reimbursement agreement that predated his cooperation.


Hush payments to mistresses

One particularly explosive case is the SDNY probe into the payoffs Cohen illegally arranged to buy the silence of at least two women, Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, who claimed credibly to have had affairs with Trump before he ran for president.

Cohen testified that the payment he made to Daniels, which was ruled an illegal use of campaign funds, was ordered and reimbursed by Trump himself -- a possible criminal act.


Fraud at the Trump Organization?

In his February testimony in Congress, Cohen raised issues of financial malfeasance by Trump and his organization in banking and real estate deals. 

He said Trump falsified data in financial disclosures to banks and insurance companies, providing more meat for federal investigators.

For that and the probe into the Trump Foundation, eyes are now on the figure who likely knows more secrets about Trump than anyone else: Allen Weisselberg, the accountant who has served the Trump Organization for four decades.


Profiting as president

Meanwhile, in the US capital Trump is fighting a lawsuit brought by the attorneys general of Maryland and Washington alleging that Trump's continued ownership of a hotel in Washington frequented by lobbyists, company executives and foreign governments violates the Constitution's 'emoluments' ban on the president profiting from his office.

Evidence has shown that Trump has reaped significant financial gains from the Trump International Hotel just a few blocks from the White House, and from his properties in New York, based on the patronage of those seeking favour with the president.

It's not clear how far the emoluments case will go: the Justice Department is fighting to have it quashed as baseless.


Summer Zervos defamation suit

A third woman, Summer Zervos, a one-time contestant on Trump's reality television show 'The Apprentice,' has sued him for defamation after he said she lied in claiming that he groped and forcibly kissed her.

Trump's lawyers have failed to get the case thrown out, opening the door to the possibility that the president could be forced to confront his accuser in court as a witness.