Check out Christmas art made by Kashmiri artisans

 | Updated: Dec 24, 2021, 12:47 AM IST

For the uninitiated, Kashmir and Christmas may sound like an unlikely combination. But it is a busy season for artisans of Kashmir the art of whom finds demand worldover. Check out the beautiful pics


(Image: Idrees Lone) Kashmir's famed Paper Mache artisans start months before the festival to make these decorative pieces


Worldwide demand

(Image: idriss Lone) Millions of paper mache decorative pieces are sold to customers across the world just before Christmas. 


Excellence of artisans

(Image: Idrees Lone) Kashmir's award-winning paper mache artist Maqbool Jan has made thousands of these handmade products, especially for the Christmas festival


Artwork that enhances festive fervour

(Image: Idrees Lone) Maqbool Jan has been continuously supplying these products to western countries for decades


Waiting for Christmas

(Image: Idrees Lone) "Christmas is a very big festival and we get a lot of work during the period. We make Christmas balls, bells, and other decorative pieces. We wait for this festival for months and start preparing three months from the festival. If someone wants special designs, then we take orders six months before the festival. There are orders in lakhs for these balls and bells," said Maqbool Jan.