Celebrities who've received the coronavirus vaccine so far

Written By: Pragati Awasthi | Updated: Jan 28, 2021, 06:50 PM IST

Here are the stars who have opened up about receiving the vaccine and shared their experience about it.

Steve Martin

Comedian Steve Martin received the COVID-19 vaccine after signing up online and then standing in line at the Javiz Center in New York City. By sharing his experience, he called it "smooth as silk" and "perfection.", 

''Good news/Bad news. Good news: I just got vaccinated! Bad news: I got it because I’m 75. Ha! The operation in NYC was smooth as silk (sorry about the cliché @BCDreyer and hosted to perfection by the US Army and National Guard. Thank you all, and thank you science.'' he wrote on twitter. 


Judi Dench

Veteran actor Judi Dench received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine this month. The 86-year-old star shared the news, adding she will have her next dose in a few months. "I have (had the coronavirus vaccine). I had one a week ago so I think my next is something like 11 weeks'' time, that''s a great start!" Dench told. 


Sir Ian McKellen

Veteran actor Sir Ian McKellen was one of the first celebrities to receive a covid jab, he got his shot at London’s Queen Mary’s University Hospital. The 81-year-old actor stated he was 'over the moon' to have received the vaccine shot. 


Lionel Blair

Veteran star Lionel Blair, 92, has received the first of two COVID vaccine jabs. ''I couldn't believe it when they called me. It's next week and then the next one is in January' and here I am. I'm just … thinking, thank God I live here.'' he said. 


Marty Wilde

Rock and Roll's Marty Wilde was one of the first celebrity to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in the UK and called having it "common sense". "Because I think it is common sense. You look at the amount of people who have died over this last six to eight months and then you think how you can protect yourself.

"It’s common sense. The whole thing is just the right thing to do. You need an injection."


Joan Collins

'The Dynasty' star Joan Collins received a shot of the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine and urged others to follow her lead. ''I just really want to tell anybody who is worried about it, there is nothing to worry about," Collins told. "It was the easiest thing. Just like a little scratch and there was no pain at all. And I had no after-effects and I felt absolutely fine. I went home and I had a drink, even."


Michael Whitehall

Jack Whitehall's father and producer Michael Whitehall have got the first of two jabs of the covid vaccine. After getting a vaccine, Michael shared a snap of himself wearing a white face mask and blue scarf while a nurse rolled his white shirt sleeve up and prepped the needle.


File photo of Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is the latest celebrity to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Recently, Samuel L. Jackson took to his Instagram account to let his followers know that he had been vaccinated against COVID-19. The 72-year-old actor shared a duo of images to show that he had arrived at The Forum in Inglewood to receive his dose.