Brazilian artist makes masks for those who don't want to hide their face!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020, 10:46 AM(IST)

To let people not lose their identity, a 65-year-old Brazilian artist is painting masks that look like the person who is wearing it. 

Let's check it out via some amazing clicks.  

As real as possible

Jorge Roriz, who creates colourful costumes and fantastic floats in the popular carnival in Rio de Janeiro, has started designing these unique masks for not disguising the looks and making one appear as real as possible.


Mouth doesn't move

News agency Reuters says the masks are "so accurate to be uncanny". However, it says when the artist wears one of the masks, his lips appear not be moving. 


'Not to lose identity'

Roriz says he uses the mask "in order not to lose my identity". He was seen painting a white mask, making a lower face as he took time to prepare skin hue and lips. 


Gaining popularity

These masks are getting popular among people who don't want to hide their face during the pandemic, but at the same time wear masks to avoid contraction of the virus. 

"It's vital that people look after themselves, it's good that people use masks," the 65-year-old said.


'Sad' thing brings 'joy'

He said that while looking at the masks, people often laugh and he has had "really positive" reactions. 

"Something that was meant to be sad became something that brings joy," the artist added. 


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