'Blood-soaked' naked activists protest against meat consumption in Spain

A group of 'blood-soaked' naked activists staged a protest in Madrid, the capital of Spain, this Saturday denouncing excessive meat consumption. Spain is second in Europe for meat consumption. This bizarre protest caught everyone's eyes on it, have a look

Naked Activism

Activists stripped naked and covered themselves in fake blood in their street performance decrying the production and consumption of meat. 


'Blood-soaked' activists

The weird protest saw volunteers from the Spanish right of animal rights group wrapped blood-soaked in transparent plastic.


Meat Packages

They were attempting to mimic how meat is packed in supermarkets. 


Raising awareness

The activists aim to raise awareness among the public about benefits of a meat-free diet. 


Drawing attention towards authorities

The protesters want to draw attention towards the authorities which they believe have not done anything substantial yet.


Health implications of eating meat

Experts say there are lot of health implications surrounding the person consuming meat on daily-basis. Also it is not beneficial to the environment we live in.


Creating opportunities for pathogens

Experts argue, these wild habits create opportunities for pathogens which eventually allows them to transfer from animals to humans quickly, much like the coronavirus. 


Hoping for meat ban

Activists hope the authorities will implement a campaign banning meat completely in the near future as it is essential to save the mankind and nature.


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