Best of CES 2019

Published: Jan 11, 2019, 01:27 PM(IST)

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showcased the best of technology.

A ping pong tutor

Jacobs Otto of the Netherlands plays a game with "Forpheus," an AI-equipped robotic ping pong tutor in a booth at CES 2019. (Reuters)


New aircraft

The Bell Nexus, a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, was also displayed at the event. (Reuters)


Something for two-wheeler riders

Improved safety for bikers was a priority for Singapore startup Whyre. They developed a hi-tech attachment for motorbike helmets. The Argon Transform uses an augmented reality display including a wide-angle rear-view camera feed allowing riders to see traffic and hazards, not just on the road ahead, but on the road behind as well. (Reuters)


Flexible phone is here

The four-day even also saw Chinese firm Royole showing off the world's first flexible phone. As crowds marvelled at the unique FlexPai phone for the first time, the company also exhibited bendable screens in apparel, and in other products. (Reuters)


Car takes a stroll into the future

South Korean automaker Hyundai took a stroll into the future by showcasing a car that can walk and climb on wheeled legs. Hyundai said that the 'Elevate' concept vehicle was designed with first responders in mind, to allow them to navigate tricky terrain after an accident or natural disaster. (Reuters)


This car will keep an eye on you

The event also saw smart cars which will keep eyes on you. The vehicle has an interior camera used for driver monitoring and in-vehicle scene understanding. (Reuters)


The next-gen suitcase

Some of the other hi-tech gadgets on display was an AI-driven suitcase. It follows people by computer vision technology, it dragnets people, track them. (Reuters)


A cinema hall inside the car

A Chinese funded company put on display the M-Byte car which had jaw-dropping, 48-inch screen inside. (Reuters)


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