Belarus comes up with a 'dummy' idea to not interrupt football season

Belarus is the only country in Europe still playing professional football matches with spectators in the stands. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a major shrunk in the live crowd, people are still heading to stadiums to watch their favourite football clubs in action. Empty seats could be a major turn off during football matches but the Belarusian clubs have found a way to hide those empty seats and fill it with fans – by placing dummies.

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Men's football league continues in full flow!

The start of women’s football season in Belarus has been delayed by fears that the players may have gotten exposed to the COVID-19 but the men’s league continues to drive in full flow. The women’s league was scheduled to start with the 2020 season on Thursday (April 16) but the Belarus soccer federation suspended it ‘until further notice’. The federation added that ‘several’ players had contact with ‘possible carries’ of the coronavirus. 


Game of Dummies!

Dummies have replaced fans, face masks are being used to fulfil the emotions that a crowd brings with itself. But the question remains, is it worth risking the lives of possibly hundreds of people attending the game? What about the footballers, who may contract the virus? 


The 'only' football league active

Even though the Belarusian league has attracted fans from others countries in lockdown and signed new foreign TV deals, as per reports, does it really fulfil the void of absolutely no live sports during the time when millions of people are struggling to cope with the dreaded COVID-19, worldwide? 


Belarus Prez against strict lockdown

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has strictly opposed strict lockdown measures while playing an ice hockey game in front of spectators in the month of March. Whereas Sports and Tourism Minister Sergei Kovalchuk defended the move by saying that no one is forcing people to come and watch live matches.


'No basis to shutdown league'

“There is no basis to close down the championship. Nowadays, the number of fans has shrunk by more than 70 per cent," Kovalchuk said. "No one is forcing anyone to go to the stadium. You can go, or not go," Sports and Tourism Minister Kovalchuk said.


COVID-19 cases in Belarus

Belarus has recorded 4,779 cases of the COVID-19 as of Friday with 42 deaths. But as the bloodbath continues, the question remains, is holding sporting event really worth it, at the moment?