Back to basics: Countries reimpose lockdowns after second wave of coronavirus

From the UK to Pakistan, several countries are reimposing stricter lockdowns amid the second wave of coronavirus, and some have now even lifted their second lockdown after battling a second wave 


Portugal saw a sudden outburst of cases, and has therefore decided to reimpose stricter lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus.

The lockdown is being reimposed mainly in Lisbon, under which people will no longer be able to leave their houses except for shopping for essential or emergencies and work-related trip.

"COVID has not disappeared, and will not disappear as long as there is no treatment or vaccine and until we are all vaccinated," Antonio Costa, the Portuguese Prime Minister said.



In Italy, to reimpose lockdown, army was deployed to Mondragone, around sixty kilometres from Naples, around a social housing complex. The local government is urging people to stay in until there is an emergency.


United States of America

Several states in the US south and west including Texas, Florida and Alabama have seen a resurgence of the virus in recent weeks even as northeastern states New York, New Jersey and Connecticut showed marked improvement.

Los Angeles and Californian counties ordered bars to close as Texas governor Greg Abbott said the coronavirus situation had "taken a very swift and very dangerous turn in Texas".



United Kingdom

The British government on Saturday confirmed the existence of two cases of the Omicron variant in the country. The two people are now self isolating. 

UK had banned flights to South Africa after authorities revealed they had discovered the B.1.1.529 variant. 


South Korea

South Korea tightened coronavirus measures on Saturday in Seoul and its surrounding areas as the country reported the highest number of single day cases with 166 new cases in more than five months.

The stricter social distancing guidelines include restrictions on gatherings and activities including professional sports, which will be played behind closed doors in the capital area again.



After the European country saw the commencement of a second wave of coronavirus, the local authorities re-imposed a partial lockdown in the country, bringing majority of businesses to a standstill.



Germany, after battling the coronavirus in a quick approach, has now seen a sudden surge in the coronavirus cases and deaths. The local government is now urging citizens to stay indoors and step out only in emergency.



Pakistan had reopened its economy later than majority of the Western countries. However, when the lockdown opened, people flocked to tourist attractions and even fairs at Rawal Lake park in Islamabad with little or no social distancing. 

This led to a surge in coronavirus-related cases, which has now resulted in a second lockdown in the South Asian country.


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